manyplay for android

v1.01.0105 16/04/16
iptv over m3u playlist player

click here to download apk 23mb

audio&video output based on FFMPEG (LGPL 2.1) libraries

manyplay for windows

v1.01.0107 16/05/01

  • audio&video output based on VLC media player (LGPL 2.1) libraries
  • deskmode – full screen desktop view with volume and channel settings
  • easy to use and simple to add content online or offline
  • good to use as a player for iptv, ip radio or other ip based content
  • choose open m3u/video/audio file with manyplay for direct playing
  • drop m3u/audio/video file on manyplay to view/check/store it in a list
  • includes sleeptimer with close, shutdown, standby and hibernate function
  • includes equalizer with modify function for all build in equalizers
  • use build in deinterlacer to take control over interlaced video stuff
  • if you like our apps – pleaseand support us.

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